The Nellie and Fred range of Bassinet and Pram Quilts, Cot quilts and Single Bed Quilts are all individually designed and handmade in Australia with a sense of childish fun sewn into every piece. Each item is uniquely designed, hand made, numbered and given its own quirky title.

A Nellie and Fred piece will be snuggled, cuddled, slept under and kept forever although some people love them so much, they hang them on the wall instead!

On our website you’ll find Nellie and Fred’s key products but when you find us at markets around the country you’ll find our additional products such as pillow slips, bags, floor cushions and throw cushions which all use Nellie and Fred's unique appliquéd designs to spread the fun around the house.


Nellie and Fred is the creative brainchild of Rebecca Hetherington. Rebecca is the daughter of Norman Hetherington - artist, puppeteer and creator of the beloved Australian television character and icon Mr Squiggle.

“I was lucky enough to grow up in a continuously creative household surrounded by interesting things. There were always new puppets being built, shows taking shape, cartoons being drawn and wonderful books to absorb. My father’s sense of colour, caricature and fun has really shaped my aesthetic sense and continues to influence me in my work.”

“I love fabric and I love quilting and appliqué. So over many years I have combined these interests and developed my own style which I hope others will enjoy.”

Nellie and Fred Hetherington were in fact Rebecca’s grandparents and it’s also their principles of simple living, hard work, kindness to others and of course good workmanship that are part of each Nellie and Fred piece Rebecca creates.